Our purpose

We Create a Better World through Leadership 4.0

We are founded on four core values:


We create value through significance


We optimize learning and results by aligning people, processes and context


We are human beings and therefore naturally creative


Everything we do is based on genuine contact


CXOPeople was founded in 2003 by Per Leth-Nissen. When Per founded CXOPeople, it was truly with the purpose and ambition to Create a Better World. This purpose still guides the entire team at CXOPeople to this day. Everyday, we help the world’s leading companies to maximize the value of their human capital through giving greater significance to the people that drive the business.

Per is one of the most experienced management consultants in Denmark. Today, he is supported by a passionate and dedicated team who also have extensive operational experience. We view our diversity of thought and customer centricity as cornerstones to our success, which provides you with the best, unique transformational solutions for your business.

Transformers and human beings are creative in nature