CXOPeople create Leaders of The Fourth Industrial Revolution
We design a leadership centric journey that unleashes talent, adaptability, personal leadership, accountability, trust and engagement. We use a wide range of formats to utilize the opportunities in your organization. 

The bridge to the leaders and employees is built on clarity, contact and communication.

It is key for us to understand what you and your organization need
Our role is to design and initiate involving processes that convert the company’s strategy, the aspirations and the ideal leadership style, represented by the CXO’s, into behavioral changes in your organization.

The learning process is always centered around:

Change Mindset

Change Behavior

Change Outcome

Leading Strategy

CXO’s set a clear direction and need to connect the new strategy to leaders, people and purpose. Experiential and involving learning processes to create clarity, contact and communication centered around the purpose and method of engaging all people to live the strategy.

  • Alignment and engagement of strategic direction and execution
  • Connecting leadership purpose to engagement
  • Training the ability to communicate, involve and set a clear direction
  • Accelerate performance through micro-learnings on-the-job

Watch a case about Leading Strategy

Watch a case about CXO Collaboration & Communication

CXO Collaboration & Communication

Close collaboration within the CXO team is essential for performance and cross-collaboration throughout the organization and beyond. Aligned and authentic communication from the CXO team is probably the no. 1 driver of engagement within any organization. One day with our CEO will lift the collaborative and communicative level based on individual talents.
  • Strengthen trust as a base for collaboration and performance
  • Training the ability to set a clear direction in an involving way
  • Develop a narrative rooted in your personal leadership style
  • The course is always centered around the most desired outcome

Leading Transformation

The ability to lead organizations in The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires leaders who engage, inspire and encourage their people. The transformative mindset and behavior is essential for being innovative, agile and ultimately grow and shape future organizational success.

  • The CXO aspiration as a base for the Transformative Change Process
  • Connecting Industry 4.0 to the necessity of behavioral leadership
  • Training the transformative mindset and core behavioral capabilities
  • Accelerate performance through micro-learnings on-the-job

Watch a case about Leading Transformation

Watch a case about CXO Executive Coaching

CXO Executive Coaching

Communication from CXO’s have a major impact throughout the organization and society. You are the architect and set the direction for the organization. Our CEO helps you build the bridge to your people through clarity around your personal talents, contact and authentic communication.

  • Your own personal narrative and storytelling
  • Connecting your message to your CXO role and responsibilities
  • Relevant tools as the foundation for future successful communications
  • Creating your own united frame for communications


Micro-learnings meeting leaders in action, on-the-job, enhancing sustainable behavioral changes. Experiential learning is a necessity for taking theory into practice.

Data collected from CXOSmart® is converted into insights as the foundation for continuous learning and improvement of the leadership development journey.

Film Production

Share and spread your message and purpose throughout the entire organization in an engaging film: Your Aspiration!

In-house film production, an inspiring script and communicative training is the foundation of impact and setting a clear direction.

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